Resurface & Repair / reglaze in st. louis

Options For People Working With a Smaller Budget

If you’re interested in a quick fix and not a complete remodel, then resurfacing or repairing is your best option. Resurfacing services come with an industry standard five year warranty. A correct resurface will last years. To ensure longevity, you must perform regular maintenance and clean the resurfaced fixtures properly. Cleaning instructions, warranty information, and do’s/dont’s, are left at every job. Resurfacing is an affordable way to improve the look of wall tile or counter tops in kitchens. Tubs, showers, sinks, and wall tile resurfacing, is an option. Spot repairs are also an option on fiberglass, cultured marble, acrylic, and many more finishes. Spot repairs will take care of eyesores such as chips, cracks, scratches, holes, burns, and many defects. Reglazing, Resurfacing, Repairing, and Ceramic Tile Restoration in St. Louis is our specialty!

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Refinishing consists of:

  • exhaust set up
  • remove caulking 
  • clean thoroughly
  • sanding/etching the finish to rough up
  • repairing any holes, chips/cracks, or rust
  • applying one coat of fast-drying epoxy primer
  • applying 3 coats of an acrylic urethane topcoat paint
  • apply a silicone caulking back around the perimeter of the tub
  • overnight down time 

Can I use a DIY Refinishing Kits?

Depending on how you envision your end-result, DIY is a good choice if you are not interested in:

  • longevity of the finished product
  • drips and runs
  • appearance
  • a finished fixture being visually better than the original fixture
  • wasting time and money
  • paying extra to have the DIY kit stripped off of your tub once it starts to fail

Leaving specialized skills such as refinishing to professionals is always a good idea. A project of this nature requires skill and experience. Modern Solutions, LLC offers both. Just because there is a DIY kit for everything you can imagine, doesn’t mean you should actually “do it yourself”. The process of refinishing requires specific industrial strength products. You are unable to pick these products up at a local hardware store. In order to effectively resurface or repair a fixture properly, you need experience and knowledge. Refinishing jobs require specific products and equipment.

Resurface,Repair,or Replace?

That Is The Question.

If you have a broken tile or a scratch in your tub or other bathroom fixture it is possible a repair can solve your problems.

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