Five Tips to Decide What Is Best For Your Tub

Written by: Sherrie  Runge February 15, 2017

There’s many options when trying to give your bathroom a face-lift. Following are points to remember when deciding what to do with your bathtub.

What is your budget?

Reglazing a tub is significantly less money than a new acrylic bathtub liner and easily cuts your price in half. Depending on your long term goals this may be the best option for you.

Are you a warranty person?

Do you appreciate a good warranty? Acrylic liners many times carry life time warranties. A reglaze warranty is usually around five years.

What type of tub do you currently have?

A fiberglass tub will require a reglaze. The only other option is to replace the entire tub or install a shower instead. However, cast iron and steel tubs are versatile, and using an acrylic liner or a reglaze will suffice.






Are you making big changes color changes?

If so you’re in luck. Both reglazing and installing a new liner are options for you. Using a new acrylic liner gives you the opportunity to change the entire look of the the skirt of your tub as well.

Can I reglaze or install liners myself?

Where there is a will there is a way. The question is what is the end result you require? A job like this takes years of practice.

Leave specialized installs such as a bathtub remodels and reglazing to the professionals.

Acrylic liners require special measurements and custom manufacturing. If you’re not familiar with the 18 different measurements needed to customize your liner, the margin for error when placing the order is huge.

There are plenty of DIY reglaze kits at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement. A DIY kit does not make you an expert or give you experience. Reglazing requires specialized cleaners, bonding primers, fillers, and protective equipment.

This is not a DIY process, let a professional handle it. This is a project that requires training, skill, and experience to get the beautiful flawless finish you seek. Contact us to discuss your kitchen and bath options.

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